Women’s History Wednesday: Tatyana McFadden

“Anything that a person with disabilities wants to do, they have the right to do. That can change the world.” Read more about Paralympian Tatyana McFadden in my latest Women’s History Wednesday article for MyWSports.com.

Women’s History Wednesday: Claressa Shields

Crutchfield was a boxer in his younger years. The former 1983 City Champion remained close to the sport after his career ended, volunteering as a coach after his daytime job. In the documentary, “T-Rex” Crutchfield mentioned that he always felt he would get the chance to train a champion, he just never imagined it would “be a girl.” And how could he? Women’s boxing was first approved in 2009, to be introduced at the London Games. Until 2012, boxing was the last Olympic sport that was all-male. … More Women’s History Wednesday: Claressa Shields