Our Planet: Letting Go and Holding On

Thank you for sharing your process, Dorian. I love you LS.

Dorian Wanzer

I was absent from church for the entire month of December, excluding the day of his memorial. I returned last Sunday. I was avoiding it because I couldn’t face the reality of going solo. If the sermon relates to something we recently discussed, who’s going to squeeze my hand? Perhaps some circumstances never change because I was an hour and ten minutes late. I am used to hearing, “Hustle up, Rion, I want to get there on time, church goes in at 10:00.” In running pants, sneakers, and a cap, I entered the sanctuary. It wasn’t my usual Sunday best, but Luke 12:35 says, “Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning.” As I tiptoed past the ushers, the closing hymn was in progress. The children had already gathered around the Rector for dismissal. Ordinarily, I would sit in our spot, but I opted for the hindmost pew, given…

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