Happy Anniversary Mom!

Mom, G-mom's and me.jpgFor as long as I can remember, mom would tell me the same story on my birthday.  Not every birthday, but I’m pretty sure she told it at least once every year.

This year, we went to a Mets game together.  baseball games have become sort of a dual celebration of my birthday and Mother’s Day.  Even though the two dates did align this year, mom still came with me to see my boys on my birthday.  So, here’s how the story goes:

This picture is one of the firsts of my life.  To the left is my only living grandparent Ismenia Almodovar Ayala, then mom (Nilda De Los Santos-Dontaine) and me, and the woman with the purse is Osvaldina Nieves Samá De Los Santos.

Happy Mother’s Day mama.  I love you!


Nilda’s Daughter

The De Los Santos women: Mom & Tia Betty head to Cuba

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