Founding 4 Podcast Episode 21: The Riveters are Isobel Cup Champions(I can FLY)!

The Riveters are Isobel Cup Champions! That’s right, the team that finished dead last in the NWHL’s inaugural season has now lifted the Isobel Cup. Erica and Mike are ready to break it all down for you.

Topics include Alexa Gruschow’s unbelievable superwoman goal in the first period of the Isobel Cup Final. Erica interviews the regular season MVP on the ice.

Mike whips out the IIHF rulebook to discuss why Buffalo defender Sarah Casorso didn’t get a five minute major for boarding Madison Packer at the end of the first period.

Our hosts also discuss the postseason excellence of Playoff MVP Katie Fitzgerald and NWHL Goaltender of the Year Amanda Leveille.

Listeners will also enjoy the singing of the official F4P Gruschow goal song (I can FLY). A huge thank you to all of our listeners, our Patreon patrons, and our friends Hannah Bevis and Michelle Jay over at The Top Shelf Podcast.

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