Honoring Denna, Deputy Commissioner Moore Running the Boston Marathon

Originally posted 04/13/18 for NWHL.zone

On Monday, Hayley Moore will be among the thousands running the 122nd Boston Marathon. This is not her first time running the historic marathon, but it certainly will be special. Moore has joined the Journey Forward team in honor of Denna Laing, who suffered a spinal injury during the 2015 Outdoor Classic.  I spoke to Moore about her upcoming race.

“Obviously Denna is remarkable and we’ve all been able to witness and be a part of her story,” said Moore. The circumstances are difficult, but I think each day we see her progress and see her smile, it gives us all hope that we can get through anything.”

Journey Forward is a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of those who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury through an intense exercise program. “Being in Boston has really opened my eyes to the resources that Denna has had available to her,” said Moore. “I’ve been able to go to Journey Forward prior to running the marathon for them and see the dedication and the resources that they have and how much they’ve been able to really impact other people’s lives. It’s remarkable and something that obviously is really close to my heart.”

To that end, Moore and Boston Pride alumna Kelly Cooke inquired about joining the Journey Forward fundraising team. The organization deploys a group of volunteers to run the Boston Marathon as a fundraising and awareness campaign for their work. Moore and Cook were able to make the team and run on behalf of Denna.

Leading up to the race Moore and the Journey Forward team hoped to raise $10,000 for Denna and others supported by the Boston-based organization. Moore has now raised $10,973 in four months.

The money and awareness that comes from allies like Moore and Cooke helps not only Denna but also funds research for medical advances and ultimately a cure. “I think one of the biggest things is just to recognize how far medicine has come and how far it still has to go,” said Moore. “There is still a huge need for the cure obviously, but there are so many different resources out there now that can empower and change the lives of those who are suffering from spinal cord injuries.”

And that’s why Moore does it, for Denna, the Laing Family, and others from the hockey community—such as Mike Nichols—and beyond who are benefit from additional research. “Those modern medicines and trials and different technologies that can really improve and help people’s lives. It’s definitely inspiring and exciting to see.”

If you are in the Boston-area, flood the streets on Patriot’s Day and cheer on Hayley, Kelly, and the Journey Forward Team. You can also donate towards the team tally here. Finally, to keep up with Denna and donate directly to her, visit DennaLaing.org.

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