The Founding 4 Podcast: Whitecaps Expansion Special!

Holy smokes! The Minnesota Whitecaps joined forces with the NWHL this week!

With the addition of the Whitecaps the NWHL is now a five-team league with a presence in the United States’ two biggest hockey hotbeds. Mike and Erica take a break from their team-centric recaps of the 2017-18 season (to be continued) to talk expansion news, the Minnesota market, what the Whitecaps joining the NWHL means for the world of women’s hockey, and what comes next. But that’s not all!

For this week’s Expansion Special (please imagine improvised airhorn sound effects here) we have unique quotes from:
– Dani Rylan, NWHL Commissioner.
– Winny Brodt-Brown, Whitecaps co-captain and founding member of the Minnesota franchise.
– Amanda Leveille, NWHL Goaltender of the Year and University of Minnesota alumna.

We also take some time to answer some questions and address some thoughts from our listeners regarding this historic step for the NWHL and women’s hockey. There’s so much to talk about! Expansion! History! Whitecaps!

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