ICYMI: I joined the Around the Rim Podcast

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As you know, I also write about women’s hockey and women’s basketball for a number of outlets. I also love a good women’s sports podcast!

So, imagine my surprise when Terrika Foster-Brasby, producer of the Around The Rim Podcast, messaged me. She asked two simple questions: “Are you still writing WNBA content? Are you free tomorrow around 2:45 pm?

Yes and yes.

The next day, I joined a call with ATR host LaChina Robinson for the first installment of the “Growing the Game” segment. you can listen to the full episode HERE.

After the initial shock of it all wore off, I was really excited to talk women’s basketball with women I greatly admire and respect. I am a huge fan of Around The Rim, but only recently met LaChina and Terrika.

I briefly met  LaChina in January at the Big East Broadcast Bootcamp event. I met Terrika at the 2018 Women’s Final Four, but as she mentioned, we’ve been Twitter friends for some time, lol!

I have been lucky to cover women’s sports at a variety of outlets, but sometimes it’s hard to know if your work is making an impact. Not for my sake, but for the sake of the game (I mean, I’ll take a little shine on occasion though).

In a sport—in a time—where information can be accessed so easily, it amazes me how easily history is forgotten, or sometimes lost altogether. Therefore, I’m excited to see an espnW podcast committed to uplifting the voices of young writers, longtime bloggers, and more.

Yes, women’s sports needs more coverage. However, there is plenty of great coverage that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. So, take a listen to Around The Rim! You can find the links to the last three episodes below:

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