ICYMI: Blake Bolden returns to the NWHL

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I wrote about Blake’s return to the NWHL for The Ice Garden and The IX Newsletter.

The defender returns to the American league after a season in Switzerland with HC Lugano. You can listen to her speak about her time in Europe on this episode of the Founding 4 Podcast.

Below is the latest Five at the IX, from Bolden’s Buffalo Beauts media call. You can read the entire newsletter, including my thoughts on the Minnesota Wild-Whitecaps partnership, HERE! 

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Five at The IX:
Blake Bolden is Back!

(The following questions came from a media conference call on Wednesday, August 15th)

Nate Oliver-The Hockey Writers: Prior to Switzerland, so much your career was based out of Boston. How did you decide that Buffalo was the right team for you?

Blake Bolden: I had been going back and forth with Buffalo. Buffalo with the first team that reached out to me when I was making my decision.

So that was a pretty easy transition. Nik was very open and explained everything to me. I felt very comfortable. I’m from Cleveland Ohio so I felt also that would be a great opportunity for my family. And I just know that Buffalo has a lot of great things going on that I wanted to be a part of and I really just wanted a change.

Erica Ayala: You’ve been bouncing around between playing professional hockey and launching your training company. Will you continue to operate your business in Buffalo?

BB: A lot of my girls that I work with are online already and I hope to build that clientele and work with as many girls as possible. Maybe there are some girls in Buffalo who are excited to get on the ice with me and we’ll see what that looks like in the future. But really I thought playing in Buffalo would be great for my brand. Being in the United States back in the NWHL I just felt like my appearance here in the States was better than overseas where it was a little bit harder especially with the time change.

ELA: Will you be relocating to Buffalo?

BB: I will be playing a little bit in the fall but full time starting January through March.

ELA: Since you’ve been back, you’ve been able to connect with Kim Davis and Willie O’Ree on a few things. What are your thoughts about him entering the Hockey Hall of Fame this year?

BB: Yeah I think it’s incredible. I think quite frankly it’s about time and I’m really excited about it. I was there at the NHL Awards to see that happen in person so that was really exciting. In Las Vegas, I joined him and his family and close members of the NHL community to celebrate this momentous occasion and it’s really exciting and I’m really I’m really happy for him.

Nate Oliver:  The Beauts have made so many signings already this offseason is there any particular maybe a group of players that you’re excited about having his new teammates or maybe somebody that you already have some familiarity with?

BB: Well you know the great thing about Buffalo is that I don’t actually know personally a lot of the individuals on the team and I’m really excited about that. Like I said I really wanted a fresh start. And I just checked out a little bit of last night’s skate and all the girls are very talented and very skilled and it seems like we’re all going to build a really great team together. I played with Emily Pfalzer at BC I played with Corinne Buie last year’s captain for Boston (Pride and Blades) and those two players are amazing as you all know. And I’m really excited to be on their team instead of playing against them.

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