2018 in Review: Podcast Edition

Over the past 12 months, I have worked on learning as much as possible about the art of podcasting. I’m definitely a talker and I love a good story. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready to give up on reading & writing. If anything, audio storytelling can be a way to get people interested in diving deeper into a topic via books and articles. 

The lives we lead seem to get busier and busier as time passes.  Podcasts are a great way to engage a community around a particular topic. Individuals can listen while on the go, in the gym, or with friends. 

Here is a rundown of my podcasting adventure in 2018. Some will be shows I host, others will be shows I’ve appeared on, and still others show I appreciate for all kinds of reasons.

Founding 4 Podcast – TIG Podcast Network

I have to begin with the Founding 4 Podcast, co-hosted by myself and Mike Murphy. We recently reached our 50th episode (even though Mike missed it, lol) and are still going strong.

I’m learning the technical aspects of audio and podcasting, and some episodes expose that more than others. However, I love that Mike & I have played around with panel discussions, player Q&A episodes, as well as debate and in-depth conversation.

We were thrilled to be mentioned by Richard Deitsch in his article entitled Media Circus: What makes a good podcast and some notable ones worth your time.

Ground Truthing – Westchester Children’s Association

I started a podcast at Westcheter Children’s Association to invite more voices, especially youth voices, to advocacy conversations in Westchester County. On Ground Truthing, we offer local businesses, students, parents, and service providers the opportunity to share the bright spots and challenges they experience day-to-day.

One of my favorite episodes was recorded at the White Plains #MarchForOurLives rally organized by a recent White Plains High School graduate.

Rule Breakers – The Shadow League

After I co-wrote my first article for Deadspin (check out my Year in Review: Writing Edition), I was approached by Anya Alvarez to join her on the Rule Breakers podcast. I went into the studio with Anya’s co-host Adele sometime in May, I believe.

Quick fangirl moment: I’ve known Adele for a couple of years. We would occasionally run into each other while covering women’s sports in NYC. I always heard great things about Adele and her vibe always came across as delightfully chill. So, when I got to speak with her for this episode, I was over the moon! I haven’t had the occasion to speak about my sports media journey very often, so this was a very refreshing conversation.

Around The Rim – espnW

In 2018, I was able to be a guest on several shows I really respect. However, it all started with Around The Rim. I have followed LaChina & Terrika Foster-Brasby on social media for some time. I finally met Terrika at the 2018 NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament. Shortly after officially meeting, Terrika & LaChina had me on as the first guest of their new segment at the time: Growing The Game.

It was unbelievably cool to be on the show with both of these women who work so hard to give women’s basketball a good home at ESPN.

Burn It All Down

Finally, I was able to contribute to another one of my personal favorite podcasts Burn It All Down. I am extremely humbled to say that I have been on the show a few times, including a stint as a co-host! That was the thrill of a lifetime and I worked so hard not to completely freak out.

What I appreciated most was being able to lift the veil and see the work that goes into making an independent podcast like Burn It All Down. I don’t think all listeners, or even all podcasters, appreciate the effort that goes into making a show.

Whether live, recorded, or something more editorial like an audio magazine, preparation is key. These women are diligently prepared, while also embracing fun moments, and spending more time on a topic to thoroughly (or as thoroughly as possible) address more serios content. Being a co-host made me an even bigger fan!

If you aren’t already, please do give these podcasts a listen. Even better, like, subscribe rate and review them! Here are three more podcasts I enjoy but haven’t collaborated with … yet!

What podcasts are you listening to? Sports, advocacy, and politics are my go-to topics, but I’m open to anything. Comment below with some suggestions.

Cheers to a great 2019!



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