NWHL: Q & A with Mariya Sorokina after her first Riveters start

Newest Metropolitan Riveters goalie chats/texts about her first NWHL game

After her first start and first win of her first NWHL season, I asked Mariya Sorokina a few questions, including what’s up with her intermission ritual? I sent the questions below and Mariya answered via Google translate. Enjoy!

Erica L. Ayala: How did it feel to play your first game as part of the NWHL?

Mariya Sorokina: I will not hide, I was nervous. To be exact, I knew that I was ready and in my head, there was only calm. But my legs treacherously shook at first. At that point, I got great support from my team and the [coaches]. That helped me a lot! No one blamed me for my mistakes and everyone wanted me to succeed.

Erica L. Ayala: Was it fun to play against your former team, the Connecticut Whale?

Mariya Sorokina: I have been preparing for this game for 2 months as part of Connecticut. I could not make saves on all shots. I wanted to look more convincing, but I’m glad we won.

Erica L. Ayala: How did you like your performance for the Riveters? Anything you want to do the same? Anything you want to do better?

Mariya Sorokina: Great that we did a great job. The most important support for me was the victory of the team. They helped me in this game, I will help them in the next one. I want them to not stop and continue to work. They have a very high potential. I saw that championship team that won the Isobel Cup last year.

Sorokina takes a break during her second Riveters practice.

Erica L. Ayala: What was your favorite moment in the game Sunday?

Mariya Sorokina: When our players scored goals. I usually do not express my emotions, but here I wanted to say “Waaau”. I was not jealous of my opponent, in the opposite gate.

Erica L. Ayala: How are you liking your new team?

Mariya Sorokina: I hope that the difficult time* for me is over and that only good things lie ahead. Only a few people know what I had to go through in order to start playing hockey at a high level again … I feel comfortable and it gives me an opportunity to focus on hockey. I will do my best to push myself as hard as I can this league. I hope we will have a successful season. Thank you, everyone! I hug everyone!

*I did follow up with Mariya about th, but she opted not to comment.

Erica L. Ayala: You stay out on the ice after warm-ups and during the intermissions. Is that a superstition? What do you think of dur that time?

Mariya Sorokina: There is nothing too complicated or superstition at what I do. Simply I don’t want to sit in the locker rooms for too long and relax. That’s why I like to move around for a little and stay warmed-up for the game.

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