A Thank You from E to you!

“Stay tuned, ’cause there’s more to see! Through the technical difficulties!”

We have arrived to the final day of 2020!

As a community, we have survived many losses. Some of us have lost family members and friends to COVID. Others have lost jobs and dealt with unforeseen adjustments to life as we once knew it. And still others of us continue to fight for a new day, a day when societal racism and bigotry are not a death sentence when interacting with law enforcement or navigating healthcare. 

I will not pretend to know the challenges 2020 brought to you and your family. That said, I hope this message is as comforting to you as your support has been for me through my darker moments. Through my trying times, your support made it possible for me to continue work as a freelance reporter. 

It is a true joy to amplify the stories of women in sports. Because of your monthly contributions and endless support on social media, I have placed stories in the New York Times and Sports Illustrated. I have also facilitated events for the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, and Black Girl Hockey Club.  

My favorite project without question is the Social Justice in Women’s Sports series on YouTube. I took a leap of faith and created a place where the women’s sports community can come together and challenge each other and ourselves to do better, to #GetUncomfortable as the BGHC campaign says.

This project put me in the host, director, producer, and editor chairs and let me tell you, that was UNCOMFORTABLE! However, I am very proud of all the things I’ve learned about my guests, myself, and about multimedia journalism. 

Your faith in me and my work allowed me to invest in the necessary tech and professional development to level up this series. I am excited for what is to come for the Social Justice series in 2021. 

My ability to hop in front of the camera has also led to other opportunities. One as a host of a new web series for an NHL team, and hopefully some other projects that will be finalized in the coming weeks and months. 

So, as Alicia Keys once sang

“Stay tuned, ’cause there’s more to see! Through the technical difficulties!”

Finally, I have individual THANK YOUs in the mail to all of you! I don’t have mailing addresses for everyone so I will be sending DMs to collect those. 

I wish you a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate my Patreon Posse!

Cheers to “living our dreams” and taking A. Keys’ “Unbreakable” energy into 2021 and beyond!



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