The Female Coaching Network

Leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics, MyWSports and the Female Coaching Network partnered to provide coverage of female coaches at the Rio Games.

About The Partnership:

“Vicky and the team at FCN do an extraordinary job creating stories and presenting content through a unique, and needed lens.  Working with FCN will bring a new perspective to our storytelling. I am confident that the content completed out of this collaboration will be a win for fans of MyWSports, FCN and sports in general. I want to thank Erica Ayala for working with Vicky in creating this worldwide platform to promote and enhance the media coverage of women in sports.”  Luis Sanchez, MyWSports Founder

“This partnership is a big step forwards for the FCN as we can now increase our reach to even more female coaches based in North America.  The MyWSports team will provide the FCN members with first hand insight into American sports and the inspirational women involved at the coaching level.  We are also excited to be partnering with them during the Rio Games and are looking forward to creating some unique content through the biggest sporting occasion since London 2012.” Vicky Huyton, Female Coaching Network Founder

My Interviews for the 2016 Summer Olympics: